How to save your Metro Source Login ID and Password:


Google Chrome:

After you log into you may see a bar across the top of the browser with the option to SAVE PASSWORD

Click that button if you wish to save your login information.

If the option to "Save Password" is missing - Click the WRENCH symbol in the upper right corner. 


Select the button "Offer to save passwords."

Internet Explorer: 

The "Auto Complete Password" window may appear, and give you the option to say YES you want to remember the password.

If you are not given the chance to remember the password, then a previous decision by selecting the "Don't offer to remember any more passwords" will have to be reversed.

One the Menu Bar within Internet Explorer, click on TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > then click the CONTENT tab.

Within the "AutoComplete" section, click on the SETTINGS button.

Make sure there are check marks in the boxes to the left of:

"User names and passwords on forms" and the "Ask me before saving passwords." 

Click OK.

Mozilla Firefox